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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A letter to Christ

This is something I felt like dedicating to Christ yesterday, sometimes I find it hard to speak directly and unburden myself to Him, writing makes it so much easier...what about you? =D

My Dear Christ and Lord,

                There is no true salvation without your mercy. I uphold that to be the divine truth. Though there is also no joy in this life without your eternal grace, we live empty, desolate, senseless and as feeble weeds astray in the wind, without your divine presence. For you are our oil lamp, a holy lamp whose light exceeds that of all the stars garnishing the sky, guiding us through the eternal darkness lying ahead. For no longer do tears stream down my cheeks, lest it be for fear of your displeasure, my smiles and laughter I owe them solely to you. It is by your spirit that we live, nursed in your eternal love.

                Though I have been weak of faith at times, I blame not myself; neither do I blame you my Lord. God forbid. But sin has been your mighty tool with me, guiding me out of the darkness of blasphemy towards your heavenly seat. You have pushed me into uncharted regions of destitution and delusion, only to claim me back from these extremities without harm done. I love you beyond measure for your divine care, and I love you all the more for throwing me off the highest peak only to salvage me whole, for this has taught me to appreciate and value your presence, which has been implanted into my depths. No longer do I walk alone, for you are the constant companion I take onto every journey, no longer do I live alone, for I live in you, along with a stronghold of devout Christians; every breath I take is seasoned with an understanding of your suffering, and I thank God for having you on my mind. You relieve me of my pains; turn my sorrow to ultimate pleasure I have never experienced in my entire life. This new faith springs in me as a fountain carrying its droplets of joy to the far outreach, and builds me a mountain, an inheritance you endowed onto me. This is renewed with every sleep so that this joy never withers away with time. You have made my soul whole, for not an hour goes by without you appearing as the sun does in my thoughts, and still I would wish it were with every beat of my heart.

                God, strengthen my faith, weaken those whose motives are to oppress me and seduce me into their perverseness. Make me, like a son to you, whose love is both divine and yours, whose actions are pure. Tempt me, but give me strength to resist. Give me strength to conquer fear and desire, judge not between the people of the Earth, for they are your people and not mine. Teach me not to ignore mine adversary, but to love him and hope for the founding of a church of God in his merciless heart, so that it may be bound to mercy. I have promised not to doubt, if there only was a single oath I dare not break, let it be this. I ask you never to forsake me; and I know you never will. When I speak, let it be to praise your name, listen to others praising your name, see your figure in my sleep and day, taste your good deeds in the sons of men and feel you in my hours of joy and despair. You have taught me how to love, how can I not ask you to teach me to love you as no man does?
Your Loving Son Henri Maurice

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