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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nursed in Christ's Love (A Poem)

Truly, there is no better poetry than that dedicated to God, we owe our existance and salvage to Him, how can it be then that we don't love him beyond our means, and how can it be that we don't express ourselves deeply to him...

Despair devours on my human flesh

Tribulations encircle a thick mesh

But am for You as You have always been

Out of true honesty never to wean

I am base but for light shining through

Onto my soul from which Holiness grew

A garden of Hope and Righteous Love

In a World drained of faithful desire

Belief Blazes through me, all for your Love

So no dread grips me due to human ire

Walk in the daylight, in the Light of Christ

And not a soul shall pierce through the faithful

Though the night sky be Dark there is Christ

To voice comfort and reclaim the faithful

Out of, a lone, miserable existence

Are Loved entirely, cared for again once

Faith drowns Core, Life and Flesh with the Christ

We be Born, Live to, till Death for the Christ

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